Challenge Your Limits – Tampa Bay Tarpon

Perhaps the biggest lure of saltwater sport fishing is the battle to land a hooked fish. For many anglers the tougher this fight is in direct correlation to how good of a day one has while out fishing.  And few species put up a bigger battle than Tarpon, the Silver Kings which have helped make Florida’s Gulf Coast known worldwide among serious saltwater fishing enthusiasts.  Although common to almost all the Gulf’s coastal waters, a variety of factors can make locating them difficult.  Lucky for sport anglers that Tampa Bay’s annual Crab Flush helps make it among the premiere destinations for reliable Tarpon action. Continue reading “Challenge Your Limits – Tampa Bay Tarpon”

Tarpon Time in Tampa!

The days are long and the temperatures are hot. The mornings are still and muggy and the water temps are into the 80s. Afternoon thunderstorms begin to pop up nearly everyday–you could almost set your clock by ’em. That’s right, it’s summer time here in Tampa Bay, Florida. While a lot people dread this time of year here in the sunshine state, us fishermen long for it. Because when we begin seeing this weather pattern and water temps, that can only mean one thing: The tarpon are in town! Continue reading “Tarpon Time in Tampa!”

An Overview of the Amazing Tarpon

Boca Grande fishing charters explain this exciting fish sought by generations of Florida anglers

Of all the gamefish that inhabit the waters around Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor, the Tarpon is by far the most exciting catch. Although you won’t be able to keep the Tarpon since it’s such a bony fish with zero food value, the amazing, adrenaline-pumping fight it provides will certainly keep you coming back for more. Continue reading “An Overview of the Amazing Tarpon”

Common Live and Artificial Baits for Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande

Also known as the “silver king” because of its size and appearance, the tarpon is one of the most sought after fish in Boca Grande and along Florida’s Gulf coast. Their primary habitat is the shallow coastal and bay waters along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. When they’re young, tarpon can also live in freshwater. Continue reading “Common Live and Artificial Baits for Tarpon Fishing in Boca Grande”