Tarpon Time in Tampa!

The days are long and the temperatures are hot. The mornings are still and muggy and the water temps are into the 80s. Afternoon thunderstorms begin to pop up nearly everyday–you could almost set your clock by ’em. That’s right, it’s summer time here in Tampa Bay, Florida. While a lot people dread this time of year here in the sunshine state, us fishermen long for it. Because when we begin seeing this weather pattern and water temps, that can only mean one thing: The tarpon are in town! Continue reading “Tarpon Time in Tampa!”

Summer Fishing Tampa Bay

Fishing the Tampa Bay area of Florida is some of the best in the state. Its vast grass flats, mangrove lined shores, deep channels and oyster bars that appear and disappear with the tides makes for one incredible fishery. Although the fishing can be hot year round, summer is incredible time to brave the elements in search of that prized fish. Continue reading “Summer Fishing Tampa Bay”

10 Commonly Sought Fish on a Tampa Bay Charter

At over 400 square miles, Tampa Bay is Florida’s largest open-water estuary. Its size, and the fact that it’s fed by over a hundred small streams and four rivers, makes Tampa Bay one of the most diverse ecosystems connected to the Gulf of Mexico.

These freshwater sources coupled with the sea grass beds and surrounding mangrove swamps of Tampa Bay also support a wide array of fish species.

While we could probably write an entire book or two about all of these species, below are 10 of the most common ones an experienced fishing charter captain will take you to on Tampa Bay. Continue reading “10 Commonly Sought Fish on a Tampa Bay Charter”