Tarpon Time in Tampa!

The days are long and the temperatures are hot. The mornings are still and muggy and the water temps are into the 80s. Afternoon thunderstorms begin to pop up nearly everyday–you could almost set your clock by ’em. That’s right, it’s summer time here in Tampa Bay, Florida. While a lot people dread this time of year here in the sunshine state, us fishermen long for it. Because when we begin seeing this weather pattern and water temps, that can only mean one thing: The tarpon are in town! Continue reading “Tarpon Time in Tampa!”

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing, though not any where near a “new thing”, is a way of fishing that continues to gain steam worldwide. Because of this, many companies keep emerging offering new platforms to fit specific styles of fishing. While at the same time the pioneering companies that have been around have continued building traditional platforms, but are also leading the way in new technologies backed by decades of production and design experience.  Continue reading “Kayak Fishing”