6 Types of Deep Sea Fishing Boats You May Encounter on a Sarasota Charter

When you’re riding around Siesta Key or Sarasota Beach, one thing you may notice is all of the different types of boats cruising on the water or sitting at the docks.

To discuss every type of boat you come across would take quite a bit of time, and would be a bit out of our scope anyway. A boat can range from something as simple as a canoe or dinghy to something as complex as a cruise ship. Continue reading “6 Types of Deep Sea Fishing Boats You May Encounter on a Sarasota Charter”

What Are Tides and How Do They Affect Fishing?

Cocoa Beach charters and other experienced anglers closely watch tides to determine the ideal time for fishing inshore waters


The tides are an amazing phenomena – each day, water levels close to the coast will rise and fall with the same predictability as the sunrise and sunset. While this process is well-known, many fishermen do not factor it in when planning their trips.

Experienced anglers and fishing charters though will closely study the tides around Cocoa Beach and the Indian River Lagoon since this can oftentimes mean the difference between a good trip and a mediocre one.

Before getting into the specifics of how the tides can affect fishing, we must first understand what the tides are. Continue reading “What Are Tides and How Do They Affect Fishing?”

How the Weather Can Affect your Homosassa Fishing Charter

Weather is something that’s completely out of our control, but has a tremendous impact on any outdoor activity. Sports like football will want to know about the air temperature, wind and any storms since all of those things can affect the playing field and how the ball travels through the air. Farmers and gardeners watch rain patterns and temperatures closely to determine the right times to plant or water existing crops. Continue reading “How the Weather Can Affect your Homosassa Fishing Charter”