6 Signs to Triple your Catch While Fishing Off Cocoa Beach

To a novice angler, fishing is as simple as putting some bait in the water and waiting for something to bite it. To experienced anglers and fishing guides in Cocoa Beach though, having a fun and successful day catching fish requires a bit more observation of the current conditions.

Local residents and charter captains will likely have contacts who will provide insights on what’s currently biting where, but in the end, even the most experienced angler will look at the following signs to see where large gamefish may be.

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What Is the Standard Process for Reserving Fishing Charters in South Carolina?

If you’re considering a charter for your next inshore or offshore fishing trip, there are a few things you need to know about when looking for a guide and scheduling your trip. While some larger boats will allow walk-ins on the day of, most fishing charters require you to reserve their time and boat way in advance.

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12 Items You Must Bring on your Next Cocoa Beach Fishing Charter

If you’re visiting Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast region, you may not be too familiar with all the things that go into a fishing charter. Not only do you have the boat itself with all of its instruments like a sonar, GPS and radio, you’ve also got the rods and reels, bait and so on.

While a fishing charter will provide a lot of things, there are certain items each individual patron must bring in order to have a good day out on the water.

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Florida Inshore Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing, which is commonly called “flats” fishing by experienced anglers, is saltwater fishing in shallow water. Anglers can either be within a short distance of the shoreline, in a bay or a tidal creek that empties into the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. It is a popular option for novice anglers or those seeking a low-cost, low commitment way to enjoy this time-honored sport. Continue reading “Florida Inshore Fishing – A Beginner’s Guide”