Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing, though not any where near a “new thing”, is a way of fishing that continues to gain steam worldwide. Because of this, many companies keep emerging offering new platforms to fit specific styles of fishing. While at the same time the pioneering companies that have been around have continued building traditional platforms, but are also leading the way in new technologies backed by decades of production and design experience.  Continue reading “Kayak Fishing”


Getting on the Water: Boats to Kayaks

When it’s that time in your life’s fishing journey to quit kicking rocks along the shoreline and get on a fishing platform to finally get to those spots you’ve been dreaming about- some big decisions are about to be made. A few things right off the bat are going to be how much can you spend and what exactly do you need? Continue reading “Getting on the Water: Boats to Kayaks”

Louisiana Redfish

When a flats fisherman thinks about Louisiana, I think we all have the same reaction – Huge Redfish. I have to admit, I have yet to make the journey to the Cajun country, but this is a faux pas I plan to rectify. Between the killer fishing and being home to some of my favorite foods – extra hot and steaming mud bugs & fried ‘gator, Louisiana is a state after this Florida boys heart.  Continue reading “Louisiana Redfish”