Top 3 Lures for Snook

The first lure to consider for snook are Topwater lures, also called Floaters. The best time to use them is in the spring or summer, but they work all year. They work best when the wind’s hardly blowing or not blowing at all. They need to be seen to work, and very rough conditions make them invisible to you and the fish. Continue reading “Top 3 Lures for Snook”

4 Ways to Catch Seatrout

1. The most popular way to catch sea trout on the Big Bend is to use a popping cork rigged over a live or artificial shrimp, tossed out as the boat drifts over patchy grass and sand bottom. Some anglers use simple J-hooks, while others use 1/4 ounce jig heads, to hold the bait. – States Natural North Florida Continue reading “4 Ways to Catch Seatrout”