3 Tips for Catching Red Snapper

Catching Red Snapper: where to find them and what you need to catch them.

For fishing in the Panhandle, Florida Sportsman reports, fishing for Red Snapper in shallow water up to 50-60 feet use light ocean tackle or heavy spinning and baitcasting tackle. If you are in deeper water you will need heavy rods and strong lines of 50-80 pound test. Continue reading “3 Tips for Catching Red Snapper”

What the Pro’s Say About Tarpon Fishing

Gear: Florida Sportsmen

Anglers seeking big fish in passes, channels, deep bays and surf areas like stout tackle with lines testing at least 30 pounds. All sizes of spinning, baitcasting and fly tackle get lots of play for smaller fish.The same types of gear, although of heavier proportions, are also used for big fish on shallow flats. Continue reading “What the Pro’s Say About Tarpon Fishing”

Backwater Fishing the Everglades

Florida’s Everglades are as unique as the Tundra – you can travel the world over and grassy swampland vistas dot the globe, but The Everglades may only be found in Florida. And although the Everglades are a popular destination for reeling-in Snook, Tarpon and Red Fish, attractions such as Everglades National Park are often over populated with tourists and watercraft traffic, however, the region’s backwaters offer the solitude that bonds the angler with nature. Continue reading “Backwater Fishing the Everglades”