Wading Through Rockport

There are an endless number of productive bodies of water to fish along the Texas coast from South Padre Island all the way to Galveston Bay, nearly 400 miles. And although Texas isn’t the first state that pops into your mind when thinking white, sandy beaches, it is an excellent coastline for inshore saltwater fishing. Like most of the Gulf of Mexico coastline, the Texas coast is riddled with barrier islands and behind those islands are some of the healthiest bays and estuaries known to the Gulf. With seagrass beds as far as the eyes can see, mazes of oyster bars and islands of nothing but spartina grass, redfish, trout and flounder thrive. Matter of fact, Texas is not only known for its incredible red fishing, but Texas is also known for some of the largest speckled trout in the Gulf, or what we call gator trout. Continue reading “Wading Through Rockport”

What Is the Standard Process for Reserving Fishing Charters in South Carolina?

If you’re considering a charter for your next inshore or offshore fishing trip, there are a few things you need to know about when looking for a guide and scheduling your trip. While some larger boats will allow walk-ins on the day of, most fishing charters require you to reserve their time and boat way in advance.

In fact, if it’s a busy time of year and a particular charter is available at a moment’s notice, you should be suspicious that something isn’t right with the captain or their boat. Continue reading “What Is the Standard Process for Reserving Fishing Charters in South Carolina?”

How the Weather Can Affect your Homosassa Fishing Charter

Weather is something that’s completely out of our control, but has a tremendous impact on any outdoor activity. Sports like football will want to know about the air temperature, wind and any storms since all of those things can affect the playing field and how the ball travels through the air. Farmers and gardeners watch rain patterns and temperatures closely to determine the right times to plant or water existing crops. Continue reading “How the Weather Can Affect your Homosassa Fishing Charter”

Critical Items for Keeping You Safe on a Cape Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Safety offshore isn’t something to take lightly. It isn’t too difficult to find tragic stories about fishermen in the deep waters off Florida not returning home. Despite the best efforts of the Coast Guard, marine wrecker services and volunteers, anyone stranded or lost at sea has a very slim chance of being found in the wild frontier of the Atlantic Ocean. Continue reading “Critical Items for Keeping You Safe on a Cape Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Trip”