Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico

When it comes to fishing, there is not much that compares to the thrill of fishing offshore. From pelagics to bottom dwellers and everything in between you just never know what you may encounter when you set sail on the high seas. This, along with many other factors is what draws thousands of anglers every year to the vast fishing grounds that is the Gulf of Mexico. Continue reading “Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico”

Let’s Get Ready to Lobster!

It’s mid-July and folks down in south Florida have one thing on their mind: lobster season! That’s right, late July kicks off the lobster season and what better way to beat the Florida heat than to kick around in the water and hunt lobsters. Not only is it a fun and unique pastime, but who doesn’t like fresh lobster?! Florida’s spiny lobsters are unlike their northern counterparts in that they don’t have large front claws to contend with and they’re in shallow, warm tropical water. Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend! But before you get lobster fever, it’s important to be prepared. Knowing things like season dates and rules and regulations can make your lobster hunt enjoyable legal. Let’s get ready to lobster! Continue reading “Let’s Get Ready to Lobster!”

Fish Wilmington: Bass to Redfish

Many people take vacations to North Carolina to get away to the mountains. Fly fishing the trout streams or just relaxing among the Appalachian Mountains is a great way to recharge your batteries. There’s something special about the mountains. But for many anglers, North Carolina is a fishing destination that seems to have it all; and it does. The warm waters of Lake Sutton, the tidally influenced Cape Fear River, the pristine back waters of the estuaries and bays and even offshore offer up experiences that will forever remain in your mind for the seasoned angler or the first time tyke. Wilmington makes for a great hub to access all these great fisheries, and also includes spectacular beachfronts, shopping and dining.  Continue reading “Fish Wilmington: Bass to Redfish”

Marco Island Magic

Fishing the gulf coast of Florida is unlike anywhere else in the world. But there’s something magic about the waters in southwest Florida. Even more magic than anywhere else in the state. Within the Ten Thousand Islands area to Everglades National Park lies a rich ecosystem capable of providing habitat to countless inshore fish species. This just doesn’t happen by accident though. It takes not only the government to set aside national park boundaries and state parks, but us as ethical anglers as well. It’s a group effort and when we all work together, something magical happens. And that magic is evident in the coastline from Marco Island south to Florida Bay.  Continue reading “Marco Island Magic”