4 Ways to Catch Seatrout

1. The most popular way to catch sea trout on the Big Bend is to use a popping cork rigged over a live or artificial shrimp, tossed out as the boat drifts over patchy grass and sand bottom. Some anglers use simple J-hooks, while others use 1/4 ounce jig heads, to hold the bait. – States Natural North Florida

2. Spotted seatrout can be easily targeted from a variety of saltwater sources in coastal waters throughout the Southern U.S., on both the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama are considered a few of the best states for learning how to fish for sea trout.

The same principles apply regardless of whether you learn how to catch sea trout from shore, fishing pier, or boat. Simply check the tides for fishing, find the right spots, and bait your choice of the various sea trout fishing rigs with your favorite lures or live baits. After that, you will be well on your way to catching sea trout! – Take Me Fishing

3. Popping floats are useful for drawing sea trout near your bait and can be effective in shallow water. Slip floats on the other hand, lets you fish using your float and bait in down to 20 feet of water. What the slip knot does is allow the float to slide on the line and stop at a specific knot.

When your float moves with the current, your bait, which is several feet underwater, moves along at the same pace at the depth specified. When you study how to catch spotted sea trout one of the things you will learn is that they suspend themselves at a particular depth, though it will depend on the conditions of the water. By using these floats you’ll be able to set the bait along with the trout. – States Fish Stalkers

4. “Catching trout isn’t so hard when you consider where fish live,” Patrick said as he netted a fresh live shrimp from his baitwell and threaded it onto a 2/0 Kahle hook. “When they’re deep, say over 20 feet down, and the current is running pretty strong, the best way I know to catch trout is with a sliding float-bobber rig and a frisky live shrimp.” – States Game and Fish Mag

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