3 Tips for Catching Red Snapper

Catching Red Snapper: where to find them and what you need to catch them.

For fishing in the Panhandle, Florida Sportsman reports, fishing for Red Snapper in shallow water up to 50-60 feet use light ocean tackle or heavy spinning and baitcasting tackle. If you are in deeper water you will need heavy rods and strong lines of 50-80 pound test.

Small bait fish can be used for live bait which is preferred when fishing in heavily fished locations. Dead bait includes small bait fish, Cigar Minnows, Pilchards or cut fish and squid.

Fish Stalkers state the older the fish the deeper the water you will find them. For the deep water, you will need lines and tackle in the 50- 100 lb range. And a rod with a strong backbone and butt with a sensitive tip.

They agree that the bait for Red Snapper includes squid, dead cigar minnows, cut fish and pilchard but included crustaceans, small pinfish, pilchard, and other fish.
They also report you can use lead head and vertical jigs, metal jigs, or luminous jigs.

The Online fishermen report that Adult Red Snappers like to live around structures and usually live between 100-200 feet. To catch adult Red Snappers you will need a heavy reel with 60-80 pound test line.

When fishing shallow water you can use medium tackle supporting 20-to-30 pound test line.

This article reports that spinning tackle is most likely the most common gear used for catching these fish.

They agree baits for these fish include cigar minnows, pinfish, squid, other cut fish and included mullet, threadfin herring, and large sardines.

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