3 Tips for Visiting The Florida Coast

Visit Estuaries

The Indian River Lagoon, which covers nearly half of Florida’s east coast, is one of the nation’s most diverse habitats, with plant and animal species numbering over 4,000.

Taking a boat tours are a good way to take in the wildlife and scenery. The estuary harbors many threatened and endemic species that are increasingly at risk. In 2011, algal blooms so large they’re dubbed “superblooms” spread throughout the river system, severely reducing ecosystem health.

Visit Palm Beach

Palm Beach is famous for its shopping, culture, beaches, big events and fine dining. From shopping on Worth Avenue, to connecting with a Cruises out of Palm Beach Port. Not known by many, Palm Beach is recognized for having some of the greatest fishing in the world and yes, it does have great saltwater fishing. But the Palm Beach nature adventures can only be done in the freshwater…while fishing side by side with the alligators and birds just minutes from shopping downtown. The Palm Beach climate allows for year round fishing for several great species which including largemouth bass, Crappie (Speck) and Peacock bass just minutes from the Palm Beach airport and downtown.

Offshore Fishing

It’s deep, it’s blue, and it’s full of large game fish that can turn the shape of a rod into a pretzel. Here lurk awesome battlers such as blue marlin, wahoo, sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, swordfish, yellowfin and blackfin tuna, and sharks longer than the width of some boats. Trolling lures and baits are the best bet, although offshore fly fishing has increased in popularity.

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