Backwater Fishing the Everglades

Florida’s Everglades are as unique as the Tundra – you can travel the world over and grassy swampland vistas dot the globe, but The Everglades may only be found in Florida. And although the Everglades are a popular destination for reeling-in Snook, Tarpon and Red Fish, attractions such as Everglades National Park are often over populated with tourists and watercraft traffic, however, the region’s backwaters offer the solitude that bonds the angler with nature.

The Everglades’ backwaters are renowned for the World’s best Tarpon, Red Fish and Snook fishing! These off-the-beaten-path brackish waters are where colossal fish hide among the alligators and reeds.

Everglade Snook are a prized catch. These venerable fish are known for possessing two dorsal fins. Snook, in contrast to Tarpon, appear to be a tarnished silver, when pulled from the Everglades. The species may easily be identified by the neon yellow along their twin dorsal fins. Often, Everglades Snook grow to four feet in length. Everglades’ Snook fight nearly as hard as the infamous Tarpon. However, most Everglades backwater anglers target Tarpon, nothing’s as thrilling to catch!

The Everglades’ rolling and swampy grasslands are a magical vista to cast a fly or deploy artificial bait. The secluded backwaters offer serenity, exotic fauna and an endless supply of fish – this landscape is as unique as the Tundra and as old as Pangaea.

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