Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach offers gobs of fun! The region’s natives are known for their unique past times: Surfing, Wind Surfing, Wakeboarding and Paddle Boarding. This is why Cocoa Beach is referred to as “The Surfing Capital of the East.” Paddle Boarding is one of the newest additions to Cocoa Beach’s surfside activities. Anglers have found Paddle Boarding to be an alternative to kayak or boat fishing, it’s fun and less expensive.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, known as SUP, is making waves in Cocoa Beach. According to SUP TV, there are three types of Paddle Boards: Surf Specific, Touring, and Racing. Although Touring Paddle Boards are known to be the most versatile, the Surf Specific board is most adept for Cocoa Beach’s choppy waters. Racing boards are the most challenging to ride and are essentially a modified Touring Board. Touring Boards were engineered for crystal-like waters and will most likely capsize in Cocoa beach’s turbulent brine. Moreover, width is the biggest consideration when choosing a board. It’s essential to pick a board that you’re comfortable riding.

Paddle Boards are versatile. They allow for the storage of tackle. However, it’s not versatility that is causing these board to make waves. These boards allow the angler to explore a new avenue of reeling-in fish and acquire balance. According to, the angler may only need a few bungee cords to transform a SUP to a fishing machine. Tackle is easily strapped to the board, yet there are other solutions. Kayak fishing crates may be easily adapted for the board. Often, these crates provide rod holders and SUP tie-down kits make installation a cinch. Moreover, coolers make for excellent tackle boxes and seats. Paddleboards are easily affixed atop the waves with a two-pound+ folding anchor. These boards offer an innovative way to hit the surf and reel-in the day’s catch!

Cocoa Beach is renowned for Eco-tourism, nightlife, and fishing. These soft sand beaches, along with restored reef, make for an unsurpassed fishing experience. Cocoa Beach’s historic pier is a one of a kind pleasure plank atop the waves, the pier is home to dining and shopping. Stand Up Paddle Boarding makes for an unforgettable in this pristine landscape.

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