Summer Fishing Tampa Bay

Florida tarpon fishing showing a tarpon underwater. Tarpon fishing trips in florida are one of the most popular.

Fishing the Tampa Bay area of Florida is some of the best in the state. Its vast grass flats, mangrove lined shores, deep channels and oyster bars that appear and disappear with the tides makes for one incredible fishery. Although the fishing can be hot year round, summer is incredible time to brave the elements in search of that prized fish. First thing’s first, summertime in Florida is HOT! Not only is the temperature up in the mid 90s, but the humidity is horrendous. But there’s good news! There are ways to beat the heat. Early mornings are your best shot in getting out there and searching for those hungry fish. This is the time of day that the fish like to take advantage of, and you should, too. Get out before day break and fish until it gets hot. You’ll have several hours. But once that suns gets high, it gets hot quick. If mornings aren’t your thing, try late evenings. The temps may still be up there, but nothing like having the midday sun beating down on you. If you do plan on being out all day, be sure to dress appropriately and keep yourself hydrated!

Summer is also the time of year when the tarpon show up. Tarpon fishing is the holy grail when it comes to inshore flats fishing in Tampa Bay. These silver kings make their way into the bay only once a year, so you better get it while the gettings good! These beasts can weigh up to a couple hundred pounds and grow 8 feet in length putting them at the top of everyone’s bucket list.

redfish in ocean

Tampa Bay is also an incredible place for fishing out of a small watercraft. It’s many access points and skinny water makes it ideal for kayaks, small skiffs or even the latest craze; Roundabout Watercraft. Their unique design makes them perfect for cruising the flats in search of that hungry snook, redfish or even that monster gator trout!

So we’ve established that it’s summer in Florida, but besides the heat, that also means time for a family vacation! The kids are out of school and itching to do something fun. Tampa is the perfect place to see all the great attractions that Florida has to offer. The kids will love being able to go to Disney World or to one of the numerous water parks in the area. The wife will love all the shopping opportunities and the night life. And you, well, you get to enjoy all the incredible fishing that the area has to offer. It’s a win win!



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