Homosassa Fly Fishing

Homosassa, Florida has a purely epic inshore fishery. Super clear shallow water grass flats that not only allow for stellar sight fishing, but also this grass bottom (as well as the clear waters) follow the mangrove maze back into the back country. It is truly a sight fisherman’s dream destination. And what better way to enjoy it, than on the fly.

The Nature Coast of Florida is made up of many naturally occurring ecological pieces that really bring together what the real Florida is all about. Now, don’t get my words twisted, I am a Floridian and by “real Florida” I am not saying the rest of the state is not included in this. I love every part from Tally, to Jax, to Miami, to ENP. But what does set it apart here is the fact that everything Florida is known for, in its raw natural state, can still be found here. And on that note Homosassa is right in the middle of some of the best of it.


For fly fisherman, this destination provides everything that a true Florida sight fishing location should offer. Expansive shallow flats, a back county network, and many naturally occurring islands (including spoil islands). This creates an engaging experience not only with the fishing, but with the natural state of this environment.

The fishing itself is basically good all year around. Due to its location, even the winters allow for water temps that keep Red’s, Snook, and Sea Trout active. Speaking of Snook, the further north you travel up the west coast of the state, the less you get to run into Snook – with near full dissipation around the big bend. However, Homosassa is still Snook country and is probably one of my favorites on fly to target.

With crystal clear and shallow waters, presentation begins to pay an even bigger role than in most other situations. You can choose a fly that sinks, suspends,or stays on top – and remain active with each. However, your accuracy and delicacy of the roll out have to be up to par for success here on “glass” calm days.

If you have never fished here before and are looking for a cool Florida destination for your next fly fishing journey, we highly recommend a local guide. And when it comes to fly fishing and guides we have only one that comes to mind in hmosassa, Old South Expeditions. Capt. Brian Sawyer is a local guide who offers both fly and light tackle fishing in Homosassa, but has a personal passion with fly fishing the area. If Tarpon on fly is also a goal for you, he specializes in this as well. Check him out below:

Website: http://captbriansawyer.com/

Phone: 863-712-5555

Charter info here

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