Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing, though not any where near a “new thing”, is a way of fishing that continues to gain steam worldwide. Because of this, many companies keep emerging offering new platforms to fit specific styles of fishing. While at the same time the pioneering companies that have been around have continued building traditional platforms, but are also leading the way in new technologies backed by decades of production and design experience. 

So, what makes kayak fishing such a draw? I think we have combination of a few factors. Firstly, there is affordability. Even though some of these platforms can cost as much as a used skiff, there are numerous options to fit nearly every budget. What you will usually find here is a progression from “cheap” to really expensive platforms for those that find themselves hooked.

Another attribute is the available platforms. Whether you are a fly fisherman, a bass fisherman, a flats fisherman, or even an offshore fisherman – there is a platform available to fit your needs. Add to this many cross over platforms designed to handle a little bit of all of that for the truly adventurous.

Lastly, is the ease. Now, hauling and loading kayaks can be some work, but when you can toss the kayak into your truck bed or on the roof of your car, and launch from nearly any water access point at a moments notice – there is a lot to be said for that (especially when you’re passing all the boats in line for fuel on a Saturday morning).

kayak fisherman
Vertical jigging offshore of Pompano Beach, Florida

These pieces get you into it, but what keeps you there? Easy, the community. There is an ever growing community of kayak anglers who have developed groups on social media, on sites like Meet Up, and are usually ready to accept a friend request from a fellow kayak angler. From here we have an incredible amount of tournaments and community meet ups like Boondoggle, the AFWC, KBF, and the EKFT for truly extreme offshore anglers.

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