Louisiana Redfish

When a flats fisherman thinks about Louisiana, I think we all have the same reaction – Huge Redfish. I have to admit, I have yet to make the journey to the Cajun country, but this is a faux pas I plan to rectify. Between the killer fishing and being home to some of my favorite foods – extra hot and steaming mud bugs & fried ‘gator, Louisiana is a state after this Florida boys heart. 

Though Florida redfish are definitely a staple for flats fisherman from coast to coast.. to coast, there is something about a cajun red that lures in your skinny water soul. I think it’s a combination of these bull size fighters and backcountry marsh fishing that makes up for most of the appeal. Add to this being able to sight fish these guys on both fly and light tackle, blind cast (or bang the shore), aggressively hook up on either artificial or live baits, and a nearly year round fishery.

Another cool thing about the Louisiana coastline and hunting for huge Redfish during the early winter months is being able to mix in a blast and cast sesh. There is some great duck hunting to be had along the states coastline. If sticking to skinny water marsh land ain’t your thing, then Louisiana also offers great offshore fishing for tuna, mahi, wahoo, marlin, and a slew of others.

For me, it is and will remain to be a passion for redfish that will bring me there. I think that backcountry marshes, bull reds, and croaking gators are truly life goals. Throw back a cold one with some mud bugs afterwards, and you may not get me to leave.

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