Getting on the Water: Boats to Kayaks

When it’s that time in your life’s fishing journey to quit kicking rocks along the shoreline and get on a fishing platform to finally get to those spots you’ve been dreaming about- some big decisions are about to be made. A few things right off the bat are going to be how much can you spend and what exactly do you need?

How Much Can You Spend?

Seriously, don’t break the bank on your first boat. But, get exactly what will get your goals done within a given budget. The boat doesn’t have to be new, especially if it is your first. Until you know for a fact that this is a long term commitment that you are willing to make, this planet is full of enough used boats for sale of every style, size, and breed – going this route will be just fine.

Keep it real here, it may seem like the best idea ever to go to a dealer, but there are many boats collecting dust (to be seen in every neighborhood) that prove not all were truly that committed, got stuck with a bill, and a boat rotting on the side of the house because they just wont sell it. What’s the point of this? So go easy, and then make a bigger decision if the cards fall that way down the road.

What Style of Boat do You Really Need?

This of course is all on you to figure out. For some it will be a mix of craft that can haul the family, fish inshore, and fish nearshore. For others it may be river fly fishing with a buddy. While some others may find that using a kayak is the most affordable and efficient way to fish.

Just think long and hard about what exactly will get the most use from you, fits your actual needs, and fits your budget.

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