Wading Through Rockport

There are an endless number of productive bodies of water to fish along the Texas coast from South Padre Island all the way to Galveston Bay, nearly 400 miles. And although Texas isn’t the first state that pops into your mind when thinking white, sandy beaches, it is an excellent coastline for inshore saltwater fishing. Like most of the Gulf of Mexico coastline, the Texas coast is riddled with barrier islands and behind those islands are some of the healthiest bays and estuaries known to the Gulf. With seagrass beds as far as the eyes can see, mazes of oyster bars and islands of nothing but spartina grass, redfish, trout and flounder thrive. Matter of fact, Texas is not only known for its incredible red fishing, but Texas is also known for some of the largest speckled trout in the Gulf, or what we call gator trout.

Rockport, Texas is one of those seaside towns that visitors flock to for Texas sized trout. There are a number of bays and flats within the Rockport area to explore for gator trout. Aransas Bay, Redfish Bay, Copano Bay and Saint Charles Bay are all great locations when searching for gator trout. What also makes these areas so enticing for anglers is the fact that these areas can be fished a variety of ways. Shallow water skiffs, wade fishing and the fast growing sport of kayak fishing are all great ways to explore the local waters of Rockport.


Wade fishing is a popular way to fish the shorelines of Texas due to its accessibility, but there is some important information you must first know before venturing off into the water. Stingrays are very common within the Texas bays. These mostly small guys can ruin your day in a hurry from one swipe of their barbed tail. That’s why you must master the stingray shuffle. Glide your feet along the bottom to spook any unsuspecting stingrays. There are also dangers when it comes to wading in the form of razor sharp oyster shells. Wear stout footwear with a hard sole to protect your feet when wading the Texas inshore waters.

For a beginner wading trip and to get your sea legs, try Little Bay, right in the heart of Rockport and just behind Rockport Beach Park. This is a great area to fish for schooling trout, but you must keep moving to find fish, thus making it a great area to put your wading skills to the test. Live bait like croakers or shrimp are a sure fire way to find hungry trout, but soft plastics and topwater plugs can also be productive.

Once you find your groove in the art of wade fishing, try your hand at some other areas. Take a drive, find a fishy spot, pull over and get to walking. You never know where you’ll find your next honey hole.

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