7 Boats that are a Worthy Alternative to the Ultraskiff

If you’ve really been bitten by the fishing bug or looking for an alternative to your current setup, you may be thinking about the Ultraskiff or a similar type of boat.

However, for whatever reason, an Ultraskiff may be out of the question. Perhaps it isn’t big enough – after all, you would like to take your son or daughter out fishing too and the Ultraskiff just won’t cut it. Or, you may want to go places that will be difficult for this type of round boat to handle.

While the Ultraskiff may be a good option for budget-conscious anglers, it certainly isn’t the best option for everyone. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

If you’re considering a new fishing boat but want an alternative to the Ultraskiff, the following 5 boats may be a good option for you and your family.

  1. Jon Boat – These aluminum craft are a durable, budget-friendly option for taking 2 to 4 people out on a lake or river for fishing. Wider jon boats will be inherently more stable, but will definitely require a trailer to move from your home to the launch site. A jon boat will also be sturdy enough to handle a higher horsepower outboard motor, and the space they provide makes them a good Ultraskiff alternative.
  1. Kayak – If you don’t want to motor at all and want a boat that you can easily pick up by yourself, the kayak is a good alternative. While the Ultraskiff is light in comparison to other boats, it can be rather cumbersome for one person to move around. Fishing kayaks come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can sit in the kayak at a 90-degree angle, or look at a sit-on-top model that’s completely open.
  1. Stand-up Paddleboard – This relatively new type of craft are becoming a popular alternative to the Ultraskiff and other types of boats. The stand-up paddleboard, or SUP, is really just a wide surfboard that you can either stand or straddle and paddle through the water. While most stand-up paddleboards are used for paddling only, they make for great one-man fishing vessels with a few minor modifications. Also, a stand-up paddleboard is agile enough that you can literally store it in your garage or even inside your house.
  1. Round About boat – Similar to an Ultraskiff, the Round About watercraft is a better alternative due to its durable construction, light weight and incredible stability. When comparing these two round boats, many prefer the Round About since it can store more gear and be moved between point A and point B much easier.
  1. Borrow a Friend’s Boat – If you have a friend or family member who seems to never use their boat, you could see if they are willing to loan it to you. This can be a tricky situation, so make sure you offer to pay your friend or at least contribute to the upkeep of their boat. However, if you can only get out on the water every once in a while, borrowing a friend’s boat may be a good alternative.
  1. Rent a boat – In the same vein as borrowing a boat, you could also consider renting one. There are many places around popular fishing areas who will rent jon boats and kayaks. Many outfitters are even beginning to rent stand-up paddleboards. One distinct advantage of renting over buying or borrowing is that you don’t have to worry about any maintenance. Renting also gives you the opportunity to try a particular type boat without having to make a big commitment. Of course, you will be somewhat at the mercy of the rental company and will have to carefully look the boat over to ensure it is safe for you to use.
  1. Buy nothing and fish from the bank – Last but not least, you could just do nothing. For many of us, the fishing bug is a temporary thing that will pass soon enough. Often times, simply dropping a line in the water off a dock or along the river bank is enough to satisfy this appetite. One of the worst things is to spend your hard-earned money on something that you will end up only using a couple of times a year.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the Ultraskiff , these 7 options are a good place to start. We invite you to visit RoundAboutWatercrafts.com to learn more about Round About Watercrafts and how they are a viable Ultraskiff alternative for anglers of all levels.

Featured image courtesy of “Yongkiet” via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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