6 Types of Deep Sea Fishing Boats You May Encounter on a Sarasota Charter

When you’re riding around Siesta Key or Sarasota Beach, one thing you may notice is all of the different types of boats cruising on the water or sitting at the docks.

To discuss every type of boat you come across would take quite a bit of time, and would be a bit out of our scope anyway. A boat can range from something as simple as a canoe or dinghy to something as complex as a cruise ship.

Generally speaking, boats are designed and constructed depending on what they’ll be used for and where they’ll be used. It won’t make much sense to try and pilot a 40-foot sport fishing boat in a small river, although I imagine a few have tried.

Within deep sea fishing, there are several types of craft you may encounter. Each of the following 6 vessels have their own pros and cons and are built for a variety of groups and uses. Continue reading for a brief description of each type of deep sea fishing boat used by charters, commercial or recreational anglers for reaching spots offshore.

1. Center Console – Ranging in size from 15 to 40+ feet long, center consoles are very open and have a level floor. The center of the vessel is where the captain will pilot the boat. More advanced models will have a sleeping area and/or toilet built into the console. Many will also have T-tops or additions that provide shelter from sun, wind and rain. Center consoles are powered by an outboard engine. Longer models will have multiple outboards.

2.  Inboard Cruisers – Many saltwater/deep sea captains like an inboard or cabin cruiser because an inboard drive is easier to maneuver and there aren’t as many parts being drenched in corrosive salt water. Cabin cruisers are more luxurious than other boats and include sleeping areas, a kitchen and even air conditioning. Cabin cruisers range from 26 to 75 feet in length.

3.  Multi-Hull Cruisers – Also known as a catamaran, the multi-hull cruiser may have the deck like a center console but will have two V-hulls rather than one. Having two hulls makes this boat more stable and comfortable for passengers. Large deck spaces allow for multiple anglers to be fishing at once. Many higher-end catamarans will include a cabin and other amenities and are powered by dual outboard motors. Deep sea charters like multi-hull cruisers for their space, but also for their efficiency. These vessels range between 16 and 30 feet in length.

4. Sedan Bridge – These “yachts” provide the best of both worlds and range between 36 and 100 feet long. Sedan bridge boats are often used for longer voyages, and not for day fishing charters. The boat generates its own electricity and includes plumbing and even air conditioning. The captain can pilot the boat from a traditional helm near the cabin, or they can go up top to the fly bridge.

Image courtesy of WikiMedia

5. Sport Fishing Boats – Built for extreme deep sea fishing, sport fishing boats can stay out for multiple days at a time. Unlike combo boats like a sedan bridge or inboard cruiser, a sport fishing boat comes with all of the accessories (i.e. outriggers, towers, freezers, lockers, bait wells, etc.) for locating and catching large Tuna, Dolphin and other offshore fish. Ranging in size from 38 to 100 feet, a sport fishing boat can be powered by a large outboard, sterndrive or inboard engine. Many models also have a tower a captain can use to spot fish and watch all of the action. Sport fishing boats also include sleeping and cooking areas as well as a bathroom.

6. Walkarounds – These deep sea boats are essentially a cross between a center console and a cabin cruiser. It has the large, open deck of a center console, but the front will have a raised deck with a cabin underneath. The captain’s area (a.k.a. perch) in a walkaround offers more protection and comfort for the captain. Most walkarounds are powered by an outboard engine, but some may use an inboard drive. Walkarounds range between 18 and 28 feet.

The type of boat deep sea charters in Sarasota use will depend on a variety of factors, including the average passenger count, how far offshore they’ll be going and for how long. You may encounter a vessel with a larger cabin if the charter will be out overnight for example.

Most deep sea charters will want to offer a combination of both fishing space and comfort. The sun can be brutal on many people, so charters will want to have space for individuals to grab some shade should they choose to do so.

If you’re looking for a deep sea charter in Sarasota, be sure and ask about the type of vessel you will be riding on before booking your trip. Make sure the captain isn’t trying to use a boat not meant for fishing offshore. To learn more or schedule a trip, visit http://www.charter-boatfishing.com or contact Legacy Fishing Charters today.

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