Review: Flamingo Fishing Charters


This review is aimed at describing the fishing activity, fishing variety, and more details about fishing the Flamingo area. Our fishing charter recommendation will also be described below. All in all, Flamingo is awesome – Read on.

Flamingo Fishing

I will make the intro blunt – I have never seen so many people turned fishing freak as I have after a trip into Flamingo. This place draws you in from the deep inner realms of your soul to the sights and sounds of the surroundings. Add to this – the fish. The fishing is nothing short of epic. I have seen hard core offshore guys change their skinny water tune after visiting the park a time or two The true art of sight fishing takes place here. While at the same time the megalops and various shark species will keep you heavy guys at ease in between tides. This place has it all.

You might start off the day coaxing a saltwater croc out of your way at the boat ramp, but you will soon be welcomed by Tarpon rolling, birds diving, and the skinny water push that we all chase after. Along the mangroves are hidden gems like Snapper and the occasional Grouper, but the real mean streak is the bucket mouth Snook who lurk these root systems in waiting for an ambush attack on the next thing that comes swimming by.

Out on the flats Redfish, Black Drum, Sea Trout and more are just outside the marina, while a 20 minute boat ride through those well known shallow water markers will put you in the zone between the Keys and Flamingo targeting Permit and Bonefish. I mean where else can you poll and troll all of these species in a single day – Flamingo Fishing.

Then we got the fly guys. Yeah, fly fishing is epic, the park at Flamingo makes it a way of life. You get to sight and lead the fish of your choice, and many have evolved lives around the art of fly fishing this place. But, I have only talked about the front – there is a back. And the backcountry many call home. Its an exercise in chasing the tides going after moving water and casting into the right spot to get smash after smash all day long. This backside holds your Grand Slam. Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, and Sea Trout – all there, all available on any given day. Just don’t get lost, and you will without a guide.

Flamingo Fishing Charters and Guides

These are the guys, these guys right here – bitten by the Flamingo bug. Yes Flamingo Fishing Charters and Guides are a unique bunch, each of their hearts filed with launching from that ramp as often as possible. When they motor out, it’s always a grin ear to ear, it doesn’t matter what the day brings – they are home. These guys know the fingers, the flats, the markers, the tides, the underwater geography, just how skinny they can get, and where to go when it’s time to move on.

These charter companies are all great, but few excel at making it a way of life. This is purely due to commitments elsewhere and expanded fishing wants – but those chosen few, who can’t think of fishing anywhere else, that’s who you want to hire. These guys literally live and breath Flamingo and we have one lined up here for you. Give Captain Jerry Perez of Scannin Shallow Charters a call – This man is always itching to get you in the zone in Flamingo. He’s one, the one you want. Contact him below.

Scannin Shallow Charters

Captain Jerry Perez

Phone: (786) 517-7261



You’l be glad you did.

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