12 Items You Must Bring on your Next Cocoa Beach Fishing Charter

12 Items You Must Bring on your Next Cocoa Beach Fishing Charter

If you’re visiting Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast region, you may not be too familiar with all the things that go into a fishing charter. Not only do you have the boat itself with all of its instruments like a sonar, GPS and radio, you’ve also got the rods and reels, bait and so on.

While a fishing charter will provide a lot of things, there are certain items each individual patron must bring in order to have a good day out on the water.

Continue reading for 12 of the most important items to bring on your next fishing charter in Cocoa Beach.

1. Food and drinks – While some vessels may offer light snacks, you should plan to bring a sandwich, drinks and a few snacks to tide you over while offshore. Once the boat leaves the dock, it won’t turn around if you forgot to bring some lunch with you.

2. Extra water – Again, many vessels will have rations for any emergencies and may offer bottled water for the trip, but it’s wise to bring your own. You can’t drink the seawater for hydration – it will in fact have the opposite effect.

Video: How chronic dehydration damages the human body

3. An extra cooler – Most vessels will provide a cooler with ice for your food/drinks. However, if you snag some fish and want to take them home to feast on with your family, you’ll need something to keep them cold for the trip home.

4. Sunscreen – Protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays is important for any outdoor activity, but it’s doubly important if you’re out on a fishing charter off Cocoa Beach. Water and sand reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, so not only are you getting UV radiation directly from the sun, you’re being hit by rays reflecting off the water.

5. Polarized Sun Glasses – Almost as important as sunscreen, a good pair of high-quality sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from UV radiation, they will also help you see much easier. Your glasses should also be a “wrap-around” style that covers your entire eye socket.

6. Wide-brim hat – To ensure maximum protection from the sun’s rays, you should also bring a wide-brim hat that covers more than just a small spot on your forehead.

7. Set of dry clothes – It’s easier than you think to get wet while out on a fishing charter. Just the ride out can be drenching, which is why you should bring a change of clothes just in case. Being soaked is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to hypothermia.

8. Windbreaker or jacket – If it’s cold out, you should absolutely bring a windbreaker or jacket to keep yourself warm. While some vessels have an indoor heater, being cold while out fishing is miserable, and potentially dangerous if you get wet.

9. Medications – If you have any prescriptions you need to take while out on the water, you need to bring them with you. Absent a medical emergency, the vessel will not turn around. Besides any prescriptions, you should also bring motion sickness medication like Dramamine if you think you will need it. However, you should make sure you take this medication at least an hour before boarding the boat.

10. Camera – If you snag a big Wahoo or Snapper, you’ll most certainly want to capture that memory in the moment. A good waterproof camera is a handy item to have so you can go back and reminisce about the good time you had on your Cocoa Beach fishing charter.

11. Your lucky rod/reel and any special bait – Now most fishing charters, including Fin Factor Charters in Cocoa Beach, will provide rod, reel and even bait. However, you may have a special lure you’d like to try, or a brand spankin’ new rod/reel combo you’ve been itching to use. By all means bring it, but if you forget it in your car, the boat will NOT turn around for you!

12. Your lucky rabbit’s foot or four leaf clover – Okay, we admit, this isn’t exactly an essential item, but you want to catch fish right?

You never know how the day will turn out until you’re out there, but one thing is for sure, if you get soaking wet or it’s cold and you don’t have a jacket to wear, you will be miserable.

Your fishing charter will provide many essential items, including:

  •  Local knowledge of waters and fish species off Cocoa Beach
  • Fishing licenses for everyone on board
  • Rod and reel
  • Hooks, lures, rigs and bait
  • A cooler to store your food/drinks
  • Safety gear in the event of an emergency

A good fishing charter will do all they can to make your trip safe, fun and memorable. However, there are certain things (i.e. the 12 items listed above) that only the individual patron can provide themselves.

Without them, a day out on the water can feel like a week. To learn more or to schedule a fishing charter in Cocoa Beach, visit http://www.finfactorcharters.com/ or contact Captain Joe directly by clicking here.

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